Susquehanna Solstice Festival

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Concert Series

The music at SSSF could best be described as a celebration of American Roots music, encompassing a variety of genres that found their genesis in the Americas: jazz, blues, bluegrass, Americana folk, old time, Latin, and more. Presenting a mix of these diverse styles, SSSF presents a unique opportunity to enjoy a variety of music in a single afternoon or evening, unlike at regular concerts or more focused music festivals.

Performances occur on our new outdoor Labyrinth Stage under a tent on the grounds of French Azilum. The audience can enjoy the music in the tent or on the adjacent lawn in the sunshine. The SSSF also offers workshops where musicians share their talents in informal gatherings onsite, as well as after-hours jam sessions on Friday and Saturday that are open to any musicians in the public.

Concert Lineup

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Dance Lessons and Performances

Tickets include the opportunity to partake in dance classes in traditional styles on the Labyrinth Stage and enjoy dance performances throughout the weekend. The Stage will be set up to allow for social dancing during music performances as well.

Dance Lineup

Check out our playlist on Spotify featuring some of the performers at the 2023 Solstice Fest!

Susquehanna Solstice Festival

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